Finding the root cause of your discomfort & getting you closer to where you want to be…

in health, in spirit, in life.


The cycle that creates life, and inevitably death in Daoism & Chinese Medicine is coined The Five Element Cycle. The Five Elements within this cycle, encompass the key phases of every life cycle: birth to death, rise to rest.


These five vital moving parts represent different feelings, actions & energies reflective of the changing phases in nature and in life. The Elements are within, and they are without. They are all around us in everything we touch, see and feel. They are the thread that weaves through our world, through our flesh, our bones, our laughter, our tears, the earth, the oceans, the roots, the air.


According to Chinese philosophies, our existence is primarily made up of the Five Elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water. We each have our own unique Five Element Cycle, with different Elements being more prominent than others, influencing how we experience and move through the world. Those more prominent Element(s) are termed our Guardian Element(s).


The Elements, when in balance within themselves and each other, allow the natural flow of vitality.


Think of the body like a circuit, with channels of life-force energy (Qi) flowing throughout. When there are blockages in the channels, or imbalance within our Five Element Cycle, the energy doesn’t flow as it should. This leads to a stagnation of Qi, resulting in deficiencies elsewhere. That’s when things don’t feel right. That’s when emotional, mental & physical symptoms occur.


Through treatment, tweaks are made to re-balance & re-direct your Qi where it is needed, leading to more flow & freedom in health, in spirit, in life.

Using Five Element Acupuncture, along with TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) I work with you to discover & treat the root cause of your discomfort, treating the symptoms as well as the imbalances which cause them.


Chinese Medicine recognises the significance that our emotions & spirit have on our physical body. Mind & body are seamless, connected, one. Your physical symptoms will be taken seriously & treated in conjunction with deeper consideration of spirit, soul, emotions & mind.


I believe this way of approaching healthcare encourages a more profound and longer lasting change, with better chances of preventing the same patterns of symptoms repeating again in the future.


A combination of treating the symptoms directly and exploring the source of dis-ease, I promise, is a winning combo!

We have all of the Elements within us, but our default setting usually falls within one or two phases/Elements. Five Element Acupuncturist & legend Nora Franglen dubbed our prominent residing phases our Guardian Element(s). I’m continuing to carry the flame of this term as it beautifully & accurately symbolises our relationship with our most prominent Element(s) Within.


Discovering our Guardian Element(s) can take us closer to understanding ourselves and how & why we are wired the way we are. Each Element has characteristics, traits, patterns, emotions, organs, senses, common self-beliefs (and more!) associated with them. Similar to, but much more specific than horoscopes, learning about your Guardian Element(s) can provide a feeling of being seen & understood. With understanding, comes a power to live in tune with ourselves, compassionately.


Our Guardian Element(s) is the one on the frontline of our individual Five Element Cycle, and willingly takes life’s challenges first. Therefore, it can often be the one most imbalanced - like we get burnt out, our Element(s) can too. They can also dominate & demand more of our Qi than the other Elements. So, it makes sense that our Guardian Element(s) is always considered one root cause of our discomfort, regardless of the symptoms.


Our bodies are remarkable things and when our Five Element Cycle is balanced, physical and emotional symptoms improve, meaning you can get back to doing the things you love!


Well-being isn’t one thing. It is an active movement, a choice, something that develops & changes. Something we always have to check in with. Well-being is more than being free from illness, it is a dynamic process of change and growth.


Coaching is the art of true listening. I listen to what well-being means for you, at that time, and actively encourage you to do the things that you want to do to feel well. I encourage you to listen to yourself, instead of external influences. We have all the answers inside of us, we just need to ask the right questions…


You create well-being goals, aligned with your needs & wants. I keep you accountable.


I think Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine & Eastern approaches to life are pretty great. Clearly I’m passionate about the contribution they can have in creating a fuller life (you’d hope so, right?) But here’s the thing… I don’t want you to be a lifetime client!


Rarely are people miraculously ‘healed’ long term after a series of sessions, especially if all of the expectations are on me & my toolkit.


Our sessions will be impactful, don’t get me wrong… They are tailored specifically to you and aim to rebalance & strengthen your Five Element Cycle, re-jig your Qi to where it’s needed & guide you to listen to the quiet, knowing Element Within – and that’s you.


The healing then radiates from within, when you’re in a solid, balanced, grounded place so that your body can optimise & you’re able to take shit into your own hands. Once you’re strong, rooted & geared with the knowledge of what needs attention & love, mad changes can happen.


Nothing brings me more joy than passing on the tools & supporting you to continue the care from our sessions into your every day. We’ll create self care rituals for you to do at home in between and after our treatments together have ended, making our time together have a lasting impact on your life, not your wallet.


Rituals sound all hippie and incense-y, and they can be (if that’s your thing) but really it’s just a nice routine which is sacred & specific to you. It’s consistent conscious time dedicated to yourself. My suggestions often include journalling, gua sha-ing, meditation & acupressure plus the things that bring you joy, which you might not be dedicating time to.


Life is a rollercoaster, right? It’s natural that we might want some external support sometimes, so of course my door is always open should you like to walk through it again. But remember… You have all the answers inside you, you only need yourself.


We’re often most vulnerable to wobbles during seasonal changes, so Seasonal Sessions work beautifully for a quarterly boost.


Hey! I’m Charley Roux (Lic.Ac, BSc).


Sure, I’m a Five Element & TCM Acupuncturist… but, am I the right one for you?


Let’s find out… I am: Lover of love (self love, random acts of love, friendly love, consensual love, big sparky spark love, benefit of the doubt love, compassionate love). Lover of honesty, of nature, of moving, of doing better when I know better (for myself, others & our beautiful planet), of people living their truth, of continuous learning & accepting that all endings are also beginnings.


I love writing with pens, singing (badly), Hay-on-Wye, sending post, receiving post, Brené Brown, drawing, candles, baths, podcasts, the moon, creativity, Leigh Woods & laughter.

Charley Roux Acupuncturist

I don’t just stick needles in you…

  • I encourage you to listen to your body, your mind, your spirit – the quiet knowing within
  • I listen to your knowledge – you are the expert of you, after all
  • I teach you my knowledge – the bits that you can do at home
  • I celebrate your imperfections (and support you to see the beauty & necessity of them)
  • I use acupressure, gua sha, cupping, massage & moxa (a Chinese herb) to aid you even further

I am a Fire Type, meaning Fire is my Guardian Element & Wood also steps in to babysit sometimes.


I am well acquainted with darkness & struggles and am learning to embrace them, sit with them & observe them. In the law of Yin & Yang… the darker we go, the brighter we shine, right?


I am truly passionate about providing a safe space for you. A space where you can be honest, without judgement so you can take a closer look and ask yourself what you need.  


I am all about prevention & long term, sustainable solutions as well as relieving you of immediate discomfort.


I am here for you.

I am not perfect (I hope you’d run a mile if I was claiming I was).


I am not your healer, for you are not broken and you do not need to be ‘fixed’.


I am not inexperienced, despite my baby face (It’s the acupuncture that keeps me looking young!)


I am not a good match for you if...

  • You’re not comfortable with the idea that the body and mind are equally important & entwined
  • You like things really formal & clinical
  • You’re not feeling up to making some subtle changes to your lifestyle to help get more from your treatments

Where Am I?

At the end of a phone…


Treating clients…

The Practice Rooms
55 Queen Square
BS1 4LH.

Typing away on the laptop…


….powerful & holistic, for a solid foundation…

6 Session Package  /  £300

PAYG  /  £55

What you get...

  • A full consultation during your first session
  • Five Element Acupuncture treatment
  • Use of gua sha, acupressure seeds, cupping & moxa (dependent on symptoms)
  • Self Care tips
  • Little thread of Coaching throughout


  • First session: up to 2 hours
  • Follow up sessions: 1 hour

It’s suggested to use your package sessions weekly for the best results, especially if you are just beginning treatment, but they can of course be used any way you fancy - you’re the boss.

*Packages to be paid for in advance & in full.


…restore & rebalance whilst navigating seasonal & life changes…

4 Session Package  /  £280

PAYG  /  £75

What you get...

  • Mini consultation
  • Five Element Acupuncture treatment
  • Gua sha facial
  • Little thread of Coaching throughout


  • Session: 2 hours

It’s suggested to use your package sessions quarterly (one session per quarter) during the season changes, but can of course, be used any time you fancy & need a little boost.


Like the sound of a Seasonal Session but think you might want to continue with follow up sessions? Just let me know and I’ll be sure to do a full consultation too.


*Packages to be paid for in advance & in full.