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to honour the seasonal change is to honour ourselves!

When we recognise the influence the outer seasons have on our inner self & our own emotional & physical cycles, we learn that celebrating nature is in turn celebrating ourselves.

What’s the Spring Equinox, then?

Let me relate it to Chinese Medicine (because that’s what I doooo) – its a day when there is essentially perfect balance between Yin & Yang. It’s the moment before the dial swings further one way. In the Northern hemisphere, the March Equinox is the Spring Equinox. Its the moment before we shift from Yin into Yang, from Winter into Spring, from Water into Wood.

Equinoxes and Solstices. These celestial significances that mark the transition from one season to the next have long been celebrated with rituals and ceremonies.

When you hear the words ‘ritual’ & ‘ceremony’, you might think of dancing round a fire naked or a pilgrimage to Stone Henge, but really it’s just some conscious time carved out in the day. That time can be filled with whatever feels sacred & specific to you & your needs. The only thing I specifically suggest for a Spring Equinox Ritual is to be present & aware of Spring itself on the day, even if just for a moment

Below are a few ideas about how to honour the Spring Equinox with simple ritual practices.


Flowers, a cup of coffee, a lit candle, and a note book.

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A small but impactful act of self love is to buy yourself some flowers (this is not exclusive to women!) This is true all year round, but especially during Spring, bringing seasonal flowers into the home connects us with the surging change occurring around us, outside. This is Spring Equinox Ritual 101 – get the scent of fresh flowers in your face (or just in your home) on March 20th. A perfect, unignorable backdrop for the change in seasons. Daffs are literally £1 a bunch right now, why would you not?

Along with bringing nature inside, you probably want to go get out in it too. I know it’s pretty much all we can do right now but when we introduce intention & meaning to our daily walk on March 20th it might feel a bit more spesh.

As you walk, breathe slowly in time with your steps – this will help you be more present. Search around you for signs of Spring; blossom & buds on the trees, sun rays, bird song, the smell of the first mowed lawns, bees & butterflies. Watch & examine them for longer than you normally would. Allow yourself to smile & see the beauty in these small but mighty changes.

If you’re unable to go for a walk, search for Spring in the garden. If you don’t have a garden, find a bench close by to home and plonk yourself down. Be still, be quiet, and tune in to the elements around you, and the elements within you. How do you feel? Do you feel a shift in your own energy? Do any emotions come up as you go within? Anger? Frustration? Excitement? Joy? Observe and connect with where you’re at. There is no need to suppress your feelings, feel them. Acknowledge them. They are all valid.

Journalling is a simple yet powerful tool which can help us connect to & monitor our thoughts and feelings. It provides an outlet and a space to process or simply brain dump. It’s also a practice unrivalled in setting and aiding the achievement of goals. Journalling each morning & evening is something I highly recommend to my clients, but this definitely isn’t the only way it can be beneficial. Literally, any time you put pen to paper to record your inner world will do good.

If journaling is new to you, then significant times like the Spring Equinox is a great reason to begin putting your words on paper. It can be hard to know what to write or where to start, so below are some journaling prompts for the season change. No need to do them all, just pick the ones that resonate with you, or use them as inspiration to create your own…

  • Where do you want to see growth in your life?
  • What areas need attention?
  • What does well-being mean to you? How can you honour it more?
  • What seeds can you plant now in order to reap the rewards in the future?
  • Spring is a time that signifies new beginnings, fertility & potential – what projects or ideas are you ready to begin?
  • Think about your life this time last year. What has changed? How have you grown?

Intentions are different from goals. Goals are more specific and measurable and are often focused on actions & ‘doing’. Intentions are more about ‘being’ and how we move through the world. They come from our innate desires, our core values. To help get your mind juices flowing, here are some examples of intentions…

  • I intend to approach things with love & compassion
  • I intend to see the goodness around me
  • I intend to push myself in order to grow
  • I intend to be grateful for change
  • I intend to listen to myself, as I have all the answers inside of me
  • I intend to honour and value my creativity

Any act of self care has a place during a ritual. Self care looks different for everyone, and on different days, right? Check in with yourself on the day. What do you need? A bath? To light a candle? Bake something delicious? Do some gardening? To put on your favourite outfit? Some space from everyone else? Rest? Whatever it is, make space to do the thing. Honour yourself.

And that pretty much rounds off my suggestions…take whatever is helpful & leave anything that doesn’t feel good for you. My intention (wrey!) is to help you start to listen to yourself and create your own ritual. It’s gotta feel good and its gotta be yours.

Enjoy my darlings! 
Happy Springing.

Charley Roux at The Element Within offers Seasonal Sessions, a Five Element Acupuncture treatment with a Gua Sha facial & a thread of Well-Being Coaching throughout. Seasonal Sessions are designed to help you restore & rebalance whilst navigating seasonal & life changes.

Last Updated: March 2021

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