Last updated april 2021

Welcome back lovelies & welcome new comers!

Doors are now open for less urgent needs & Seasonal Sessions 

I’ve changed. You’ve changed. The world has changed.

It’s safe to say, this pandemic and its many ripple effects have impacted us hugely, right? Both physically and mentally. There have been some silver linings, for sure. For most of us, it’s highlighted the importance of the health industry, both Western (thank goodness for the NHS) & also more alternative, holistic approaches (thank goodness for my therapist).

Thankfully, Acupuncture is recognised as a medical profession and therefore, acupuncturists are able to continue their important work, providing treatments to aid both physical & mental discomforts, even during national lockdowns, as long as certain regulations are followed…

Here are few bits of information regarding procedures and requirements to ensure both of us are as safe as possible during our treatments together: 

What to expect from me & the treatment room:

  • I’ll be emailing you a COVID 19 consent form which you’ll need to complete and sign before each treatment (I’ll send this over a day before or the day of your treatment)
  • Thorough, thorough, thorough cleaning, and ventilating of the treatment room will be taking place before, in-between and after each appointment with each client.
  • Appointments are now spaced out (rather than back to back) to allow for cleaning
  • There is no waiting area at The Practice Rooms, you will come straight into the treatment room, so minimal opportunity of passing another person
  • Our chairs are at least 2m apart in the room, so we’re socially distanced while chatting
  • A mask will be worn by me while carrying out the treatment
  • Pillow cases/blankets are fresh & clean for each client

What you need to do:

  • Get that COVID 19 consent form back over to me before your appointment (we can’t go ahead without it)
  • Arrive at the time of your appointment to minimise you crossing paths with other people at the clinic (remember, there’s no waiting room so you wont be able to get in the building before your appointment time anyway!)
  • There is a hand sanitiser unit on the wall in the entrance of the clinic, please use this when you first enter the building and before coming into the treatment room
  • Please bring your own water bottle
  • You’ll need to wear a mask during the treatment (don’t worry, I have plenty of spare disposable masks, if you forget)

Acupuncturist have always ensured a high standard of cleanliness; disinfecting surfaces, using sterile, disposable needles and washing our hands a lot & using sanitiser. We’re used to all this, so you’re in good hands.